As the owner of an SEO company in Brisbane, it’s no surprise that the number one question I get asked by clients on a daily basis is ‘How do I get visitors from the search engines to visit my site?’

Because as practically all business owners know, traffic from the search engines is more targeted and effective (and therefore a LOT more valuable) than traffic from almost all other sources. Well, there are only three answers to this question:

1. Optimise your website for the search engines to get higher rankings and attract more traffic.

2. Buy a spot on the first page and your share of traffic via paid advertising (for example, Google Adwords).

3. Pay a digital marketing professional to do all this work for you

Whilst many businesses manage to do the work themselves and get visitor traffic to their websites, more often than not, they would be making better use of their time and money by paying a reputable search engine optimisation firm to help by doing this work for them.

So Why Should I Hire A Brisbane SEO Company?

There are several very good reasons why hiring a Brisbane SEO agency like AusRank can be so beneficial for your brand and your business:

It saves you time and money

By getting an expert in to do all the search engine optimisation SEO work for you, you are saving a lot of time and potentially a lot of money. An experienced optimisation expert knows what to do and do it quickly and efficiently. Learning how to deliver optimisation SEO takes years (and a considerable amount of technical knowledge) – and that’s time that you should be spending on your business, not by fumbling along trying to optimise your sites (probably incorrectly) and putting your website in danger of being deindexed.

Greater customer understanding

One of the great benefits of the Internet is that it can be measured in great detail. All good knowledgeable SEO search engine optimisation agency professionals will be able to implement systems that can track and measure your customer behaviour in greater detail than ever before, allowing you to adjust your product or service offerings and improve your sales conversion rates.

More business opportunities

Not all traffic comes from the search engines. SEO companies can introduce you to other cost effective traffic sources like per per click (PPC) and social media channels, allowing you to gain the advantage over your competition by allowing you to target new markets and business opportunities.

Effective internet marketing strategies

A good SEO services provider will be able to formulate and implement an effective and proven marketing strategy and action plan that goes beyond standard search marketing, and will help ensure you are ahead of your competitors so that you can be ready for any new business opportunities.

User (and mobile) friendly website with relevant content

Having a website design that is user friendly and works on both desktop and mobile devices as well as having high quality market relevant and unique content has become extremely important for getting those high organic rankings. Search engine optimisation agencies like AusRank understand how to design a SEO website that is going to work on any device – so you don’t miss out on any valuable customers.

What To Look For In A Good SEO Firm

In many ways, the global, open nature of the Internet is like a wild frontier – the lack of regulations encourages a proliferation of scammers and unfortunately, the SEO industry has its fair share of them. A search for ‘SEO company Brisbane’ will give you pages and pages of companies, all claiming to be experts, offering all sorts of SEO packages and promising first page results. With so many choices, how do you find a company you can trust?

Follow these tips and you should be able to find a company you can trust with your business:

Believable promises

The old adage ‘if it sounds too good to be true than it usually is’ is unfortunately the de facto standard when it comes to SEO companies. If they offer you a guaranteed first page ranking – beware. More often than not, you may see some initial results but Google will eventually catch on to whatever dodgy link strategy is being used and will drop your rankings, or even worse, deindex your site altogether. Getting high rankings, and keeping that high position month after month, involves a lot of planning and consistent effort.

Testimonials and case studies

Seems like every man and his dog on the street is claiming to be the best search engine optimisation or marketing guru in Australia. Dig a bit deeper though, and you’ll soon uncover the truth. Start by asking your prospective company to provide some info or example reports about previous clients and the results they’ve been able to achieve. Look at their examples and do some research using Google to confirm their claims. Are their customers showing up in the search results? Are the results they’re getting from competitive keywords that are getting useful amounts of traffic?

Industry experience

As mentioned previously, the SEO industry is constantly changing. Search engine optimisation strategies and techniques can be become obsolete overnight. Any reputable search engine optimiser should be able to talk freely about their experience. See if you can talk to the owner or representative of the company and don’t be afraid to ask questions. There should be no hesitation on their part to describe their experience.

‘White Hat’ only

We’ve mentioned previously about be wary of companies that promise first page rankings in a short amount of time. These companies typically use questionable practices that are designed to trick Google and the other search engines into assigned high rankings. These practices are known as ‘Black Hat’ and whilst they may produce some impressive results in the short term, inevitably they are uncovered by the search engines and your website will be penalised. Examples are software that automates the creation of thousands of low quality backlinks.

The only real approach to achieving long term rankings is to use ‘White Hat’ techniques. These techniques are more time and resource intensive, but they are for the most part ‘natural’ in the eyes of the search engines and produce results that are a lot more long term. Examples are writing a guest blog post on a well-known blog in your industry which contains a contextual link back to your blog or the simple act of interacting with your customers via a dedicated company Facebook page.

When getting quotes from prospective agencies, always ask them what backlinking strategies they typically use to make sure they are not doing anything that may adversely affect your website. At AusRank, our team only uses White Hat techniques in our client link building processes.

It’s more than just SEO

SEO is about more than just optimising a website. An experienced digital agency should be able to provide you with not only high quality search engine analysis and optimisation services, but also a range of other internet marketing services including good quality content generation and social media management and design search marketing solutions to suit your specific business requirements.

It’s all about people

A good SEO company will have a very visible human element. You should be able to contact the owner of the company without too many issues. Make sure that you get a ‘good vibe’ when speaking with anyone from the company and that they have a good support process in place. It’s important that you feel comfortable when speaking to company representatives as it will enable you to build a solid working relationship with them.

Clear and transparent deliverables

Before you agree to anything, make sure the agency fully understands your business goals and provides you with a clear and transparent strategy to achieve those goals. For example, do they provide monthly progress reports and is there a defined campaign success criteria.

Also check their terms and conditions and find out what will happen if you terminate their service, etc.

AusRank – A Trusted And Experienced SEO Company

The bottom line here is that for your business to gain any real benefit or level of success from online marketing, the search optimisation company you engage with must have a strong vision and clear understanding of what your business needs. Only a trusted and experienced performance based Australian company like AusRank has the necessary skills to keep up to date with the constant changes (sometimes several per day) in the search engine algorithms in 2016 and beyond, and increase your customer numbers, new leads and sales by implementing the very latest search engine optimisation and marketing strategies.

Successful search engine optimisation and marketing campaigns typically take several months before you see any tangible results, however with consistent development, management and monitoring, these high keyword rankings will be long term and can provide your business with a reliable revenue stream.

AusRank has satisfied clients not only in Brisbane and throughout Qld, but in Sydney, Melbourne and other cities as well.

So, if you’re after top quality and honest advice or assistance about anything search engine marketing related for your business, and want to get the most out of your marketing investment, please pick up the phone today and call AusRank for a quote on 1300 067 566.

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