seo services brisbaneOur search engine optimisation or SEO services Brisbane offering consists of a number of solutions that help websites achieve higher rankings in the search engine results. Depending on your specific business goals and the current state of your website, one or more of the services listed below may apply to you.

SEO Audit of Website

The first step we take with almost all our customers is to perform an SEO audit on their website. These audits can range in complexity and level of detail depending on the size and state of health of the website. Audits on business websites that have been built according to industry best practice will generate a report only a few pages long and only list a few minor recommendations on things to fix. On the other hand, we’ve done audits on websites that have been built with no proper planning or thought and have generated pages of recommendations that required a significant amount of time (and expense) to remediate.

Thankfully, the majority of the websites we audit come out fairly well and require just a bit of effort to fix up and get it to a state that is acceptable to the search engines.

On-Page SEO

The recommendations that are generated by our SEO audits are generally referred to as on-page SEO – ‘on-page’ meaning on the website itself. These SEO recommendations or techniques are specifically designed to remediate the potential issues and errors uncovered by the audit. At a basic level, our SEO services always include the following on-page optimisation work:

  • Checking the content and length of page titles
  • Checking the content and length of page headings
  • Checking the correct use of metatags
  • Checking website content and file structure/organisation
  • Setting up properly configured sitemaps and lots more…

Depending on the results of the SEO audit, more comprehensive SEO services may be required on an ongoing basis such as scheduled monitoring of keyword rankings, major restructuring of the website, creation of relevant content or even a complete redesign involving new domain names and change of website hosting.

Link Building Process

One of the most complex yet vital component of our SEO services is link building. Backlinks have long been used by the search engines as a measure of the quality and relevancy of a website. Without backlinks from other industry relevant and authoritative websites pointing back to your website, it is almost impossible to achieve high rankings in the search engine results. However, obtaining the types of backlinks that Google and the other search engines consider as high quality and relevant to your website is the most time consuming and therefore most expensive part of any search engine optimisation campaign. There are a large number of digital agencies in Brisbane offering link building as part of their SEO services, however the vast majority of the links are from low quality directory sites or worthless forum and blog profiles and posts. Furthermore, the articles and blog posts they use in their submissions to these directories and blogs are often very low quality and in some cases will cause long term damage to a website as Google classifies them as spam.

When searching for SEO services Brisbane, be wary of claims promising large numbers of directory, blog or forum submissions. The positive effects generated by these types of links have drastically reduced over the past few years and are mostly ignored by Google.

To get the most benefit out of a link building process, the focus should be on quality instead of quantity. A single well-researched, relevant, high quality backlink is worth more, in terms of ranking power, than hundreds of low quality links from free directory or blog submissions.

An important note though – having a good quality backlink is in itself useless if the content it is pointing to is of low quality and holds little relevance. If your content is not educational, useful or interesting, all the links in the world will be of little use.

Content Creation

As alluded to above, the importance of good quality content is ever-increasing in the eyes of the search engines. One of the options in our Brisbane SEO services offering is the creation of regular, high quality and relevant content for your website. It’s well recognised that in order to achieve high rankings, you must generate content on a regular basis. Search engines like Google will take this as a sign that your website is viable and active and is providing useful information to its customers. Again, many digital marketing agencies offer content writing services, but more often than not, the content is of poor quality and has not been checked for duplication.

All our content is checked for readability and relevancy before being checked for duplicate content. Google despises duplicate content and will penalise a site if it persists in producing low quality content that has simply been regurgitated from somewhere else.

Code Optimisation

Another aspect of search engine optimisation that has recently gained importance is website HTML code optimisation.

Google has recently started placing high importance on websites having clean, efficient HTML code. Badly written code along with high numbers of large images can have a dramatic negative impact on page speed loading times which Google is now using as a ranking factor. What this means is that if your website takes too long to load, you’ll be penalised in the search engine results.

Our SEO services includes an analysis of page speed of your website, identifying which components of your website should be fixed to improve the page loading speed of the pages of your website.

In summary, our SEO services consists of several key elements that helps to identify and address any major issue that may be affecting your ability to achieve the high rankings that your business needs to compete on an even footing with your competitors.

Code optimization is a service you can expect at the highest levels of search engine optimization services, as it involves an overhaul of your website HTML. The optimization of your HTML can impact search engine rankings in two ways. First, it can help alleviate code-clutter, and present your content in an easy-to-understand (for machines, that is, search engine algorithms) format. Second, it can help reduce the load-time of your website pages, so that search engine spiders don’t have to wait around while your page loads (because it’s too long, or has too many images, etc).

A comprehensive search engine optimization campaign will have all of the above elements, but it will also incorporate other important services such as keyword research, ranking reports, traffic reports, and conversion tracking.

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