Why Social Media?

Social Media Marketing Is Effective

Social media marketing is now just as effective as TV, radio and print in terms of advertising and has become a de facto requirement for any business that wants to have an online presence and brand awareness among both young and old demographics.

There are two main ways to run effective social media marketing campaigns:

  1. to facilitate social interactions or engagement with your customers; and
  2. as a form of social advertising.
social media is effective
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Social Interaction

Social interaction allows a business to interact with their loyal customer base and in doing so, build their online brand awareness. There is no better advertisement than a word-of-mouth recommendation and so by using social media marketing, businesses are able to advertise their products and services and attract positive comments, shares, likes and tweets from their customers. Friends of these customers then see these positive comments and in doing so, are more likely to purchase whatever the business is selling.

Social Advertising

Social advertising refers to paid advertising that is offered on the various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like. The reason why this form of advertisting is becoming so popular is that it provides businesses with an extremely cost-effective and accurate way to target the exact customer demographic that is best matched for their product or service. Using social advertising, it is possible to select customers based on location, age and income bracket, sex, likes and dislikes, hobbies, interests and a wide variety of other parameters.

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How To Use Social Media Marketing

The key to success of any social media marketing campaign is to create a certain level of social media engagement. What that level of engagement is and what it consists of will depend on the nature of your business. However all social media marketing campaigns follow the same general steps:

1. Analyse your competitors

Analyse what social media marketing campaigns your most successful competitors are running. Chances are what works for them will work for you. Check to see how long they have been marketing for. It could be that they have been doing social media marketing for years, so you may have a long road ahead of you. You need to manage your expectations and adjust your marketing budget accordingly.

2. Start building your fan base

No matter how big your competitor’s social media marketing campaign is, they all had to start somewhere by building a fan base from scratch. So the first priority for any business should be to start building their own fan base.

When starting out, your potential customer base won’t know a lot about you, so your social media marketing should focus on educating your customers about:

  • Who you are and why they should trust you
  • What your corporate mission and belief is
  • What is the motivation of your business
  • What products and services you offer

The overall idea is to be social and engagement with your customers. Encourage them to ask questions about your business and the products and services you are selling. Actively ask them for feedback and provide incentives for them to create a buzz around your business. By creating a positive and interactive social buzz around your business, you will start getting referrals from customers’ friends and relatives.

Once your fan base has been established, you can focus more of your marketing efforts on just pure branding.

Social Media Marketing FAQ

Is this something I can do myself?

Like most forms of advertising this is definitely something you can (and should) do yourself. Whilst we can help setup the social media infrastructure and systems for your business, we recommend that someone within the business does the social interaction with their customers. After all, no-one knows their customers better than the business.

The biggest challenge to running a social media marketing campaign is creating suitable content and maintaining a regular publishing schedule. You only need to create content and interact with your customers at least once or twice a week. It’s important that your customers see regular content and interaction from your business as it shows you are serious about customer service which gives a potential customer the confidence to proceed with a purchase.

If you have any reservations about being able to handle your own marketing campaign, we offer a social media management service and can arrange to have this done for you, providing you with reports on customer interactions and fan base growth on your chosen social media platforms.

Will social media marketing give me more website traffic?

When designed and implemented properly, a social media marketing campaign that includes a good level of social interaction and a decent mix of special offers and information about your products and services will bring a significant number of visitors to your site. Businesses are becoming more aware of the fact that the potential benefits offered by social media channels are simply too great to be ignored.

Customers are now expecting to have the ability to interact with businesses via a number of different channels and will simply move on to other competitors if these channels are unavailable to them. If your business does not have an online presence on at least some of the bigger social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, then it’s pretty safe to say that you are missing out on an increasing large number of customers.

Blog posts providing more details about your business and your products and services can help retain the interest of your customers and encourage them to delve deeper into your website. The longer they stay, the more likely they are to then purchase something and then recommend your business to their friends and colleagues.

What social media content do I need?

A lot of businesses think that using social media marketing is difficult because they don’t know what platforms to use or how to create the content required.

When developing a social media marketing plan, it’s always easier to use content that your business may already have or that can be easily created. Things like:

  • Overview of the history of the business
  • Information or stories about your staff members
  • Industry relevant news updates
  • Testimonials or case studies from satisfied customers
  • Details about any new products due to be released
  • Offers or promotions
  • How-to instructional videos

We also recommend that a business just pick just 1-3 social media platforms to focus on – typically Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest – and stick with a schedule of posting this content at least once or twice a week.

Should I do social media advertising?

Social advertising is a very cost-effective way to kickoff a social media marketing campaign, particularly if your business does not as yet have an online presence. Social advertising is an excellent way to build up your follower numbers and start generating social interactions with your customers. Depending on your budget and the number of followers you are hoping to achieve, paid social advertising can be used to maintain website traffic until your social media marketing campaign reaches the critical mass required to spark of the level of interest amongst your fan base necessary to generate a steady stream of visitors to your website.

Depending on the social platform you are using, social advertising can be done in a number of different ways. Specific age groups or income brackets can be targeted, along with certain times of day or locations to make sure only the most relevant demographic to your business is being targeted.

For more details and information on how paid social advertising can benefit your business, contact AusRank on 1300 067 566 or email us at hello@ausrank.com

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Social Media Management Pricing

We don’t have any set package SMM options to choose from as each business has very different requirements. We recommend that you contact us via our contact form or call us on 1300 067 566 for a quote.

We’ll listen to your requirements and provide you with a customised and customer-targeted social media marketing campaign that is designed specifically for your business and your brand.

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