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What most people don’t realise is that unless your website is specifically designed with SEO in mind, you probably won’t get the rankings you need for your business.

There are hundreds of web design companies out there who will design and build you a beautiful looking website, but in the vast majority of cases, they don’t have a clue about how search engine optimisation works, and particular, the subtle changes required on the various aspects of a website that will allow it to avoid any search engine penalties and get those first page rankings.

Our SEO web design service takes in account the constant search engine algorithm changes and delivers great looking websites with full social media and Google analytic integration, automated content management and distribution and high customer conversions. Our websites are designed with one overriding purpose – to get you great results and the best ROI from your internet marketing budget.

What Makes Our Websites So Good?

We combine our extensive experience in both SEO and web design, and ensure that each of our websites have these 10 key features:

        Built on WordPress




        eCommerce Ready

        Social Media Integration


        Google Tools Integration


        High Conversion Rates

        SEO Compliant


        Beautiful Design


        Highly Secure

        Fast Loading

Check out the information below for more details about each of these features…

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Built On WordPress

WordPress is by far the most popular business website platform in use throughout the world. It is an extremely well-supported platform, and there are thousands of plugins and add-ons available that provide a huge variety of functionality.

Being such a popular platform means that it is easy for developers anywhere to make any custom code changes you require.

When you’re evaluating potential web designers, check to see if they support WordPress. If not, you could be locked in to their service and it will be very hard to leave their proprietary platform.


The number of people using mobile devices to surf the internet has now surpassed those using desktop computers. As a result, it’s obvious that you will need to make sure your website is mobile-friendly for these increasing numbers of users or you could be missing out on a lot of potential customers. Even Google has stated that it will penalise websites that are not mobile-friendly, so it’s something you simply can’t ignore.
A website that is mobile-friendly is known as a ‘responsive’ website – i.e. it automatically adjusts its layout to accommodate the type of screen being used to view it, whether it be a full-size desktop monitor or a tiny smartphone display.
Our websites are fully responsive and will look great on any screen, no matter what the size. The other big advantage is that only one website is used for everything – so no more having to manage and update separate websites for desktop and mobile users.

mobile friendly

eCommerce Ready

For those businesses that wish to sell products or services from their website, it’s essential that the website is capable of integrating with ecommerce platforms.

Our websites are designed to be ecommerce ready via the WooCommerce ecommerce software platform, so you can be ready to sell almost immediately. Of course, if you need help setting up your online store, including importing product info and shipping rates, we can provide you with assistance on that.

Social Media Integration

It’s so important for your business that you are able to interact with your clients via the many social media channels available today. Customers expect that your website will be fully integrated with all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Each of our customer websites are built with full integration with all these main platforms. As part of our optional social media services, we also build a network of social media platforms around your website and set the website up in such a way that any blog post or update on your website will automatically be distributed throughout this network. This is a great way to easily take control of your social media marketing campaigns and will allow you to build a high level of trust amongst your customers and authority within your particular industry.

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Google Tools Integration

To provide website owners with an easy way to monitor and analyse the performance of their websites, Google offers their Search Console and Analytics tools. All our websites are configured with full integration to these tools, allowing site owners to monitor their websites and make the necessary changes and tweaks required to ensure their website maintains their high rankings and is converting customers at a satisfactory level.

Google considers websites that use their tools as more legitimate than websites that don’t, and rewards these websites with higher rankings.

High Conversion Rates

Anyone can build a website that looks great, but does it convert well? Having a beautiful looking website is practically useless if your visitors aren’t being converted into paying customers.

All our websites are designed so that conversion rates are easily measurable and that any design changes required can be made quickly.


Correct SEO Structure

There is a general structure to a website that search engines prefer, particularly Google. If your content is not laid out in the correct way, and users have difficulty finding content quickly and easily, Google will penalise your website, your rankings will drop, and you’ll lose your visitors.

We design our websites in a way that the search engines love, with content located within an appropriate silo structure, and other SEO factors like metatags, keywords, titles, etc, setup properly.

Beautiful Design

The first thing any prospective customer sees when they click on your entry in the search engine results is your website so it’s vitally important that you create a good first impression in those first few seconds. Research has shown that you only have 3 seconds to capture the attention of your first time customer. So we make sure that your website not only looks beautiful but keeps the interest of your customer for longer and as a result, ends up purchasing your goods and/or services.

We leverage our experience in both SEO and web design to make sure your website looks great to both your customers AND the search engines. A website that fails to fulfill both these criteria will be next to useless for your business.

beautiful web design

Highly Secure

Malicious attacks on websites are on the increase and are causing millions of dollars worth of damage to business. We implement various security systems on all our websites that protects them and your business from those potentially devastating attacks.

Don’t assume your web designer has installed security software on your server – let us do the right thing by you and your business so you can rest easy knowing your website is in safe hands.

Fast Loading

Customers hate nothing more than a website that takes aaaaaages to load. If your website is not up and running within just a few seconds, your customers will simply give up and go to your competitors.

All our websites are hosted on fast servers and we run page load speed tests on every website we build. Page load speed is taken into consideration by Google when it works out what ranking your website should be given – if your website loads pages slowly, you stand a higher chance of being given a low ranking and perhaps even being de-indexed from the search results altogether.


I highly recommend using Andrew and the team at AusRank for your SEO and online marketing.

Reeves Jameson, The Gold IRA Reviewer

My video is in the top spots of Google for a number of keywords and I’m getting leads coming through every day. My profits as a result have risen by around 25%.

Jordan Howes, Dentist, Gold Coast

If you need Andrew’s help, I highly recommend you book him in asap!

Leiza Clark, Author, Brisbane

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