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By November 12, 2015SEO, Web Design

pagespeedPage speed plays a vital role in securing higher Google rankings and online visibility. Sadly, many SEO campaigns do not take into account the importance of page speed in establishing brand validity and awareness. According to SEO experts and industry gurus, pages that load faster usually secure higher conversion rates. This generates more web traffic, along with stronger leads and greater profits for new and existing businesses. Furthermore, responsive web design allows sites that are optimized for mobile viewing to reshuffle themselves. This secures recurring visits and keeps users on your site pages and blogs for much longer.

Increasing Page Speed – Essential for SEO

Google is the world’s largest and most popular search engine. In recent years, it has also become the central hub for SEO tools and online marketing campaigns. It is well known that Google has a preference for high-quality sites with relevant content and as result, continues to reward them with increases in page rankings and ratings.

However, as part of its recent updates and changes to its algorithm, Google has stated on their official blog that all sites must also now be mobile-friendly and accessible via wireless, remote, and digital devices.

Like us, our users place a lot of value in speed — that’s why we’ve decided to take site speed into account in our search rankings.  Google

Sites that fail to meet these new guidelines will continue to dwindle in rankings – and may even be removed from the search engine altogether. As part of the updates, page speed is also essential in showcasing your site in a timely and expedited manner. In order to secure faster page conversions and upload time, there are a few key things you can check:

Good, easy to read content – make sure your site has precise and concise content that is easy to scan and read. Don’t annoy your visitors with a font so small that they need a magnifying glass to see.

Social media – make sure your site is designed to encourage interaction from your visitors. All sites should have social media integration, including viable links that are easy to connect users when clicked.


Avoid the website bling – your visitors will thank you for it…

Lose the website ‘bling’ – avoid time-consuming flash presentation and overwhelming audio, video, and graphic interfaces. These bandwidth intensive enhancements to your website make pages hard to load – especially for those that do not have high-speed Internet access.

Simple design – keep your site templates consistent in design. This secures uniformity in design, while establishing a comprehensive and cohesive platform that is easy to load and access.

Stay onsite – avoid pop-ups and too many exterior connections to other pages. This can turn away potential clients, while increasing the time it takes to connect them to the products and services they seek.

Increasing Page Visibility

With faster loading times, you can truly increase page visibility. This results in stronger Google rankings, along with higher brand recognition and awareness. With the new digital age upon us, the “less is more” approach is as crucial as ever. This means your content has to be precise, concise, and straight to the point. Along with social media integration and mobile readiness, your site should also be accessible via wireless and remote devices. This allows your brand to generate a lasting buzz, while effectively marketing your products and services to core, niche and mass audiences. In addition, your site’s design should also be streamlined and centralized enough to ensure faster loading times. This guarantees more visitors on your pages – without the hassle of lengthy loading times for content that can turn visitors and customers away.

Back to the Basics

Even with social media and mobile integration soaring at alarming rates, new site owners are being urged to get back to the basics. This includes sites that are easy to access, along with embedded and visible links. With so many services moving to the cloud, the core elements of sites are being drastically changed to ensure seamless integration and optimal flexibility for clients. This means the days of overly elegant and lavish sites with tons of content are over. With traditional laptops and conventional desktops as obsolete as ever, more people are utilizing wireless devices to access the information they need while on the go. This means your site has to tap into the current burgeoning trends without having excess content that is slower to load and access. With higher visibility comes a higher Google ranking – which is a must for any new or existing commercial online venture.

For more information on increasing page speed for sites and blogs, simply contact the team at AusRank. With years of extensive SEO and internet marketing expertise, we have the tools and expertise to meet your needs within time and budget. We can also revamp existing sites to make them more mobile and social media friendly. If required, we are also able to create new sites that help capture the true allure and essence of your brand for mass recognition and marketing purposes.

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